Kenneth Webb’s Gallery

Golden Blanket Bog
in Oil 24×20 canvas

Kenneth Webb enjoys the beauty of the traditional Irish Landscape, as seen in Connemara. The colours and shapes caused by the traditional hand cutting of peat are captured in his paintings, as is the atmosphere of the bog.
RiverRun Poppies
in Oil 24×16 canvas

Only recently, Kenneth has begun to Tutor in Wicklow, in a joint Garden Course with his daughter, Susan. This picture was inspired and painted in the Wicklow garden.
Field Poppies and Moon Daisies
in Oil 20×16 canvas

Poppies are a favourite subject of Kenneth’s and some of his greatest works have been created in his own garden. The fascination with poppies he shares with the Impressionists, like Monet, and his treatment of them, make these paintings something that will be appreciated for generations to come. There are few Artists that are immortalised through their work, and even fewer become aware of that, in their lifetime. Kenneth Webb is fortunate to be such an Artist.

Susan Mary Webb’s Gallery

Passing Shower Glendalough
in Watercolour on paper 22″ x 15″
€ 750

Susan captures the misty quality of Glendalough, Wicklow with a passing shower, not unusual to the area.
Teeny Hill’s Barn
in Oil 20″ x 30″ canvas
€ 6,500

The atmosphere of the barnyard and chicken and guinea fowl are captured in this painting by Susan Webb. She is known for this style of paintings and many have been bought for prestigious places.
in Pastel 20″ x 25″
Not For Sale

Susan Mary Webb has a fondness for animals and is especially attached to this portrait of her first German Sheppard, Zeus. She now keeps two German Sheppard, who are the subject of numerous paintings.
Morning Lillies
in Watercolour on Paper 22″ x 15″
€ 750

This painting was started early in the morning by Susan Webb at Mt. Usher Gardens in Ashford, County Wicklow where the Irish School of Landscape Painting holds painting courses. Susan’s painting demonstration was for the students keen enough to come out so early and while it produced this outstanding result.
Powerscourt Gardens
in Watercolour on Paper 15″ x 22″
€ 950

This painting was made as a demonstration whilst Susan was working as the Irish Art expert for Channel 4’s Watercolour Challenge programme. The figures were placed into this painting on site as Susan gave her “Tip of the Day” in-between judging the contestants work.
Oil on Canvas 18″ x 12″
€ Not For Sale

Bobby was a very close friend to both Susan and her son. Sadly he dropped dead in his field last September from
(we assume) a heart attack. He did not suffer at all. It is great to have the opportunity to put ones feelings into paint and be able to come to terms with a new set of circumstances in this way.
Mother’s Love
in Oil on Canvas 16″ x 20″
€ 2,700

A very good friend of Susan’s was looking after this mare, and her foal for her brother so Susan had ample opportunity to observe and paint this tender moment.
Co. Down Farm
in Mixed Media 15″ x 22″
€ 950

This is an unusual painting of Susan’s being more akin to her father’s work. It was made as a demonstration to a class of mixed media technique. This is really a fun way to paint and a fantastic way to loosen up. It is a very fluid and expressive way of working.
Ladies At Leisure
in Oil on Canvas 30″ x 40″
€ 10,000

The mare on the right is Susan’s mare, Aquarius. The painting shows the sheer delight in “being” as the two friends immerse themselves in the pleasure of rolling in the sun. “Horses bring me back to being fully physically present when the pressures of life can have ones mind drifting off to the hundred things that need doing that day” says Susan.
in Watercolour on Paper 15″ x 22″
€ 950

This a demonstration of a “Turneresque” technique, again given during Susan’s spell as Irish Art Expert on Watercolour Challenge for Channel 4. This time it was used in the Watercolour Challenge book as an illustration of the three different types of watercolour one needs to chose from when beginning a painting.
Connemara Ponies, Ballinahinch
in oil on canvas 24″ x 16″
€ 2,200

This began life as an hour long demonstration of painting in oils. The site is at the end of the old bog road a mile and a half from our Connemara studio. Once the demonstration was finished the scene caught Susan’s imagination and this is what she produced.
Beach Ride
in Oil on Canvas 12″ x 10″
€ 1,950

Susan has always loved the idea of riding on the beach and whilst she has been lucky enough to experience that thrill a few times in her life, more often than not this is how she enjoys it; by portraying what she would love to be doing!
in Watercolour on Paper 15″ x 11″
€ 550

Susan Webb painted this at Mt. Usher Gardens in Ashford, County Wicklow where the Irish School of Landscape Painting holds painting courses. The waterlillies attract artists for these courses to paint and watch Susan’s demonstrations.
Evening Lillies
Watercolour on Paper 22″ x 15″
€ 750

Susan Webb painted these waterlillies at the end of the day at Mt. Usher Gardens in Ashford, County Wicklow where the Irish School of Landscape Painting holds painting courses. Those students fortunate enough to attend the painting course that day saw one painting in the morning, work in the afternoon and another demonstration in the evening.
The Stephens family, Sally Gap
in Oil 20″ x 30″ canvas
€ 2,500

Sally Gap in the Wicklow Mountains is one of the favourite sites for painting with the Irish School of Landscape Painting only 1/2 away from the Studio. Susan captures the tranquility of the Wicklow Mountains.
Carrig Woods

in Oil 40″ x 16″ canvas
€ 3000

Susan Webb’s Abstract of Carrig Woods near RiverRun Studio, is an example of the type of work demonstrated at the painting school. These Abstracts and Susan’s Equestrian Paintings would be some of her favourite works.
in Pastel on Pastel Paper 15″ x 11″

Horse portraits and Dog portraits have been Susan’s speciality since childhood. Her sensitive approach is able to capture the feeling and nature of the animal.
Homage to the Winner
in Oil 10″ x 14″ on canvas
€ 1950
Leopardstown Races is one of the oldest race courses around dublin and Susan has drawn the Winner’s Circle, an unusual composition.
The Explorers, RiverRun
in Oil on Canvas 20″ x 16″
€ 1200

The Vartry River runs though the property at RiverRun Studios and is often a place that Susan Webb paints in the peace and quiet. Occasionally students of the painting school are able to watch a demonstration or paint there and enjoy this special place in the heart of Wicklow.
Picnic in Badger Woods
in Oil 24″ x 16″ on canvas
€ 1200
Susan paints freely the feelings of the Badger Woods at RiverRun Studio on the banks of the Vartry River in Wicklow. A special secluded place by the Vartry.
Idle Day in RiverRun Woods
in Oil on Canvas 20″ x 30″
€ 1950

RiverRun Woods is a favourite spot to find Susan Webb painting on a sunny afternoon with her dog. On the property of RiverRun Studio, it is an ideal place for painting courses.